Chris Dahlquist

Written by on April 9, 2018

Professional development in Salina isn’t just geared toward those in the business world. The SPARK program underway is geared toward providing the same level of networking, support, and development to local and regional artists. The effort sponsors events such as social mixers where artists can gather together to share their latest work, find ground to collaborate, or simply enjoy the company of other artists. But programs such as ASK – which stands for Artists Seeking Knowledge, have more professional development goals in mind. Photographer Chris Dahlquist is one of a team of presenters running a series of seminars geared toward helping artists sharpen their business acumen, and teach them how to organize their efforts to be more productive and creative. The most recent seminar focused on developing and refining short and long-term goals for artists. More are already planned to deal with strategies on promoting art, and dealing with the day-to-day business side of the professional artist’s life.

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