New Co-Host for Old Vinyl Night!

Written by on September 10, 2018

OVERDOSE Album Cover | KWU Student Media

Hey guys! This is Stephen Loader, the new co-host of Old Vinyl Night with veteran Jordan Waymaster. Our first show is coming up, and, despite meeting with some technical difficulties in getting the show to you, I’m excited to show what I have to bring to the table! For those of you who enjoy a more eclectic or niche taste in music or who just want to hear things out of the ordinary, then me being on the show should be the best thing that will ever happen to you. My taste ranges from heavy metal (and yes, heavy metal, not Imagine Dragons or something people call “metal”) to K/J-Pop to anything in between, except for country (sorry). This season’s edition of OVN should be spicier than the last, all thanks to yours truly. Be sure to tune in to Old Vinyl Night every Wednesday at 6 on KKWU Radio!

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