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Written by on September 20, 2018


When you drive down Santa Fe Avenue and the other surrounding areas of campus, you will notice a number of local businesses that have been popping up over the last few years. From the very popular Taqueria Fresnillo on the corner of Cloud and Ninth Street to Salina Overstock on Santa Fe, unique and eclectic boutiques have chosen to open up shop surrounding the KWU campus.

Kansas Wesleyan student, faculty, and staff have an extraordinary impact on the Salina economy, consistently bringing in revenue, especially to our immediate small businesses. Those closest to campus tend to see an increase in sales, primarily based on the fact that their location is more convenient for KWU students.

According to the President of Kansas Wesleyan, Matt Thompson, what draws small, local businesses to open in this area is the fact that it gives students another shopping and dining option closer to campus. Because these businesses are so close to the Kansas Wesleyan campus, they have become more convenient for the students. Businesses are better able to make money due to the availability of students. These small businesses also offer continuous support to KWU. For example, every Friday local participating businesses in this area give discounts to those wearing purple, otherly known as, Purple Friday. This shows support for KWU while also drawing in more customers. Students can easily locate this list on the Kansas Wesleyan website.

Businesses understand the value of being close to students; as it not only generates revenue, but an overall positive and communal vibe, making this surrounding community even more tight-knit. Although President Thompson is pleased with the support that students and small business in this area show one another, he still believes there is room for growth.

“Over time, we would like to recruit more business to this area in order to become more student-focused… we want more of that college town feel,” said President Thompson.

Although he believes that these goals can be achieved, Thompson acknowledges the fact that the process of business recruiting can be tedious and that a “college town atmosphere” is a vibe that develops over time. Overall, he hopes to continue to see growth in this area, as it is one of the most unique and thriving areas in Salina.

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