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Written by on September 20, 2018

Since 1913, tens of thousands of people from all across the state make an end-of-Summer pilgrimage to the City of Hutchinson to attend the Kansas State Fair. This year, a pack of Coyotes from Kansas Wesleyan University were among that number, and what follows is an account of their day-long adventure exploring what’s been titled “The Great Kansas Get-Together”.

The idea of the fair itself sprang from the work of the infant Reno County Agricultural Society back in 1873. That group of farmers and businessmen decided to hold a fair to highlight their achievements in the science of agriculture, their prowess at animal husbandry, and their tenacious wherewithal in carving out homesteads into the sometimes-unforgiving prairie sod.

So, this past Tuesday KWU Media Students, Evin Miller, Kylie Ross, Jordan Waymaster, Ethan Resh and instructor Paul Green piled into a van, and hit the highway headed to Hutchinson. Over the better part of a day we devoured some incredible, crazy foods, laid hands on farm animals, explored one of the oldest amusement rides in the state, and soaked up the full atmosphere that’s attracted so many to the fair for more than a hundred years.

Our trek began around 6 AM with a stop at McDonalds for breakfast. A little more than an hour later, we were rolling onto the fairgrounds with the sun just peeking over the horizon.  After consulting the program, we decided out first stop would be the birthing barn to visit some newborn critters. We were greeted there by the sight of a baby calf taking its first ever steps! The rest of the morning consisted of milking demonstrations, kangaroo petting, and then a sampling of some iconic state fair food.



The nosh was simply fantastic. From simple old stand-by’s such as turkey legs, and deep fried Oreos, we branched out to burgers that used fried mac and cheese as buns.

Go back and read that last bit again. The burgers had Mac and cheese as buns!  But there was simply too much for even our stomachs to handle, so if you went to the fair, let us know what your favorite foods were.

Paul Green | KWU Student Media


Our Editor-in-Chief got a henna tattoo – a pretty sweet floral design on her hand and wrist. Our webmaster loved the Old Mill ride, the oldest ride at the fair. In spite of its age, it managed to make all of us jump and scream at least once.



We went not knowing what to expect, but walked away drowsy, with full bellies, and with only one single regret…there wasn’t enough time for us to do it all.






We’re already planning for next year’s trip!

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