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Written by on September 20, 2018

September is now upon us, and that means the countdown to winter break has officially started. One of the biggest differences students can experience from high school to college is that the system waits for no one. Once we are into the curriculum, it’s a complete overload on material from a bunch of different classes. The trick is… to balance all that school work, with your social life, often also a sport, and sometimes even a job as well effectively and efficiently. It can become overwhelming at times, but with students as successful as this, you find little secrets and tips that can become your roadmap to success.

School work is not the only way to have success on campus. One of the reasons college is so important is because of the amount of personal growth that you experience in such a short time. The tip that I thought was the most interesting came from George Sykes, a sophomore on the football team. He told me that a major key to his success was just being himself. He says, “There’s no need to mold yourself into someone you’re not. Then you won’t be happy, and I’m pretty dang happy.” Which is truthful. YOU should be the most important person to yourself during this time. YOU need to look out for yourself now in order to be the best YOU later on.

Charlie Simmons, another sophomore, tells me that his biggest tip for success is listening to music. Music can be very therapeutic and has a lot of power. It can help you control your mood, which can be either good or bad. “My music changes with my mood. If I need to relax, I listen to R&B, but if I’m feeling a little more energized, I’ll put some old school rap on.”

When talking with Brandon Lowe, he said that the easiest way to be successful was to simply, “talk to your professors.” At first glance, this seems like a no-brainer. Of course you’re going to talk to them, you deal with them in class every day; but there is actually depth to that tip. These professors have complete control of your grades. “Two students can turn in the same exact paper, but one paper makes an A and the other a B simply because the professor has that connection with you.” The teacher may not admit it, but it’s true. You see the professors all across campus and often off campus as well. They’re as big a part of Salina’s community as you are. Making that lasting connection can be the difference between an 89.7 being a B or an A-.

The next tip I find extremely important comes from Brett Stindt. Brett knows how important note-taking is, saying, “I try to keep everything that I’ve done because you never know.” This is as true as it gets. Professors have lives too and they get flustered and busy just like their students. They often lose work or mistake a grade and are more than willing to fix the issue if you can just prove that they made that mistake.

Janet Paruleski’s key to success is a very useful one, and that is to, “find organization.” Depending on who you are, this can come in many shapes and forms. Some people can be messy organizers. They know where everything is, but it doesn’t look clean. In school, that could be remembering that you have homework in classes, but not doing it in a specific order. The other popular one is neat, having a planner, color codes for classes, or doing homework in order. Either way, when you’re organized, it’ll help keep track of your life.

Lastly, my own personal tip for success is something that I try to achieve every day. Just, stay relaxed. Challenging things are going to happen. Whether it’s with people, grades, sports, work, or personal issues, you’ll encounter trying times. Find something that relaxes you. I like to play video games, listen to music, and watch cartoons. When I need to unwind that’s my best remedy. One thing that was common with all the people I interviewed, was that everyone had a village behind them. There are important people in everyone’s lives that want to see you do great things and help you in succeeding these goals. In many cases its family, sometimes friends, even significant others… no matter who it is you are thinking of, they all help drive you to be your best which is ultimately the goal here at Kansas Wesleyan.


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