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Written by on October 4, 2018

Did you happen to know that there is a radio station here on campus? Better yet, did you know that you can have your own show? Well if not, now you do. Myself and Quinton Smith have our own shows and today we’re going to bring you a little bit of info on what we talk about, when you can hear our shows, and how you can end up setting up your own show. 

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Quinton Smith, host of “Q and Friends” on KKWU.

“Q and Friends,” is the show that Quinton hosts and it’s always a fun time to tune in and listen too. The cast of the show includes himself, Branson Dixon, and James Richey. In all honesty, you have no idea what you’re about to hear when you tune in. Topics of interest range anywhere from the usual sports debate, to whether or not a rapper has a good name. Quinton’s favorite part of the show is “…always being able to get people from different backgrounds and hear what they have to say.” Make sure you tune in every Monday at 9 AM and Wednesday at 8 PM to catch, “Q and Friends.”

Kylie Ross

Ethan Resh, host of “The Resh Hour”, makes some new friends at the Kansas State Fair.

I host The Resh Hour, which you can catch every Monday at 9 PM and Friday nights at 7:30 PM (whenever my co-host and I aren’t on the road traveling.) Every night that I am on air, I am joined by my best friends Griffin Bryant and Nathan Mercer. On our show, we are strictly sports. Every show has something to do with the NFL, whether it be weekly predictions/ reviews, to what our favorite play was from an individual game. Now that it is “prime” sports season, that means the NHL and NBA are kicking off, the NFL is in full effect, and the MLB playoffs are beginning.  The next time we will be on air is next Monday night, where you can hear some week five NFL reviews, and my NHL predictions for the long season. 

So, how can you go about hosting your own? Easy. Simply get in contact with Paul Green and he will bring you in and teach you the basics on how to have your own show! You can have a show where you can simply play music for an hour, or you can bring a friend along and you can have your own little debate like my own show. The number one thing I can say is, don’t be scared and make sure you have fun. When you have fun with your radio show, it’ll become one of the best hour’s of your entire week.

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