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Written by on October 4, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls,  put on your best Friday night clothes…

Pull out the popcorn and the cameras. Homecoming is here again.  Homecoming has been part of the American culture for many decades . There is no homecoming without the king and queen, Friday night football or homecoming pictures. Here at Kansas Wesleyan University there could be no homecoming without the Golden W.

Now the question flying through the minds of all reading is… what in the world is the Golden W? If I was to be truly honest with you all, I had absolutely no idea what the Golden W was prior to my article. To me, it sounded like a hall of fame group but I was kindly mistaken.

As I was scrambling for answers, I found myself standing in the office of Paula Hermann, The Director of Special Events here on campus. In only a brief five minute conversation, I gained a true understanding of this celebration. The Golden W ceremony inducts those who have graduated exactly 50 years ago from Kansas Wesleyan. This celebration has been celebrated for as long as people can remember. This year the class celebrated during our homecoming week is the class of 1968. This is not a celebration of them getting to the age of  70,  but a celebration of the brotherhood and unity they still share to this day.

KWUStudentMedia | KWU Student Media

During this time of homecoming, we have many alumni travel back to campus just for this event. As I asked Paula Hermann about where these individuals resided, she was eager to inform me that they come from every part of the country. From Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, to all the way back to the place us students call home during the school year. She continued to say, “These folks love to come back. They take tours and some of them haven’t been back in 20 years or since they have graduated. So imagine how things have changed since then. They love it. They love being back with the students.”

Her insight on this gave me a whole new perspective on homecoming. Maybe we’ve been celebrating homecoming wrong. Homecoming should not only be a time where we celebrate our football team and those running for class king and queen, but it should be a time where we recognize all those who came before us. We should celebrate those who made it possible for us to be in the position that we are now.

KWUStudentMedia | KWU Student Media

So what does the Golden W mean to you? I encourage you to go and talk to one of these alumni this weekend and see what things you can learn from them. I encourage you to find out what things made them successful. We all grow up in different places and circumstances. We all choose a different lifestyle and career. But here at Kansas Wesleyan, we share one thing; the love and understanding of what it takes to be a coyote. I hope we can all make it to that Golden W.



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