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Written by on October 4, 2018

KWU has a history of showing very powerful exhibits in the Art Gallery. In recent years, we’ve seen beautiful pieces made from what others see as garbage, dynamic sculptures that look virtually lifelike, and student pieces that strike you right to the core. “The Limnologists,” by Marguerite Perret is no different and has a strong case for being the best of the bunch.


| KWU Student Media

This interdisciplinary exhibit surveys the relationship between humans and water. In an interview with our sister publication “NewsDesk”, Perret says, “Water isn’t limited to human political bounds. A water bottle in the middle of Kansas can get washed away and end up all the way in the ocean.” The whole message of the piece is to show how powerful water really is. Water is tough to keep down, Perret said. “No matter how much you try to change the path, water has a destination and will struggle to find a way to that path.” Perret says that is one way to explain the destructive nature of water and how devastating it can be.


| KWU Student Media

On the other hand, she says water is truly beautiful. Perret explains, “Next to oxygen, it is the most important substance on the planet,” she goes on to list the seemingly limitless contributions water has made and the impact it’s had on nearly every species on the planet. From forms of transportation to functions in the body, water is extremely important to us.


| KWU Student Media

The artwork itself consists of photos of the ecosystems that live in various bodies of water across the globe. That’s alongside several 3D works that show how they were able to invade these ecosystems without disturbing the wildlife that call that place home. The exhibit wrapped-up its run on September 21st.


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