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Written by on October 4, 2018

“Through music and action, we empower youth to be positive agents of change to build a more helpful, trusting, and peaceful world.”

Up With People is a nonprofit organization that unites 100 different people from 20 different countries.  The organization challenges its’ members to sing about world issues. Up With People has four main goals when singing and impacting communities that have helped shape their organization since it started. In today’s society, people are afraid of change, but in order to make the world a better place, change is necessary. Up With People really prides themselves in using hope as a foundation of uniting people for the better. The music this organization brings steps beyond our comfort zones and boundaries by bringing real-world problems to the table. By looking at these problems as world problems, Up With People shows that we as a world all have problems to work on, but by uniting together we can encourage positive change and become better as a whole. Traveling all over the world, this organization inspires not just older generations or our generations to get involved in making a change, but also our youth. Up With People inspires the youth to lead and encourages them to have a voice with and provide positive changes in the world. Hope, trust, and peace are the main focuses in the Up With People performances.

Alleigh Weems

The Up With People cast travels for one-to-two semesters. Every week they change either cities, countries, or continents doing volunteer work, staying with host families, and performing their shows at the end of the week. While in Salina, the Up With People cast has been doing community service work around Salina in places like the Ashby House, Salvation Army, as well as the Food Bank. While they were in Salina, they were accommodated by many host families that were able to tell them about some of the Salina community and culture of the small town. Many people in Salina, as well as students at Kansas Wesleyan, have had very positive things to say.

” I really just enjoyed the message that it brought to the community. Every song had a deep meaning about an issue and how we as mankind could solve it if we all were to work together and conquer our world issues.” said an Up With People host family member.

| KWU Student Media

Students at Kansas Wesleyan seemed to enjoy themselves.

” Being able to feel empowered and eager after listening to some of the songs Up With People had sung made it easy for me to enjoy my time watching the performance.” said Gracie Gallagher a Kansas Wesleyan Women’s Softball player.

| KWU Student Media

The cast really enjoyed their time as well as the people of Salina.

“When they (the audience) see it and feel inspired by our songs, that is the most rewarding part.” said cast member and promotional representative Jerico Olivia from Argentia.

“When the audience tells you they feel more connected or can relate to the content, it feels wonderful.” said Marie Dubern, the promotional manager from Belgium.

If you are interested in joining Up With People you can check them out at https://upwithpeople.org


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