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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Saturday’s and college? Football. Here on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University, we sure do have a phenomenal football team. The one thing that seems to be lacking is a huge tailgate. There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and having a sense that today will be a great day. What can go wrong with having a huge party right before our football team goes out and puts up another record setting performance?

Being a student-athlete, there is nothing better than seeing everyone come together before a big game and getting hype together. I think that one way to get the whole K-dub and Salina community together would be to always have a tailgate before each and every home game. While talking to Athletic Director Mike Hermann, he stated that he thinks it would be fantastic idea for someone to be able to lead a group that helps set up each tailgating event here on campus. Mike is completely up for having somebody or a group of people lead this charge to setting up a tailgate for every home game. Currently, Sodexo provides the food services for the game, but that definitely does not have to be. If we get a group of people to get this moving, we can move to businesses such as Chik-Fil-A, Chipotle, Panera, literally anywhere to help cater our tailgates. No business would say no to this opportunity if we get a huge wave of students and part of the Salina community to these games.

At the time of writing the piece, I put a poll on the KWU Student Media twitter page (@KWUStudentMedia, follow if you haven’t yet!) there is a poll about if tailgating is essential to a college football gameday, and out of the 126 votes 92% of you said that it indeed is. On a separate poll, 46% of you said that food is essential thing for the tailgates. Again, imagine going to a business and telling them that we have this amazing student support for these and being able to get any kind of food you want to be there and not have to eat cafeteria food? Another big thing to tailgates is games. We have an enormous amount of grass in front of the SAC, we can easily get that filled with corn hole tournaments, ladder ball, any kind of game you want. A full list of the rules and regulations for campus tailgates can be found under the fan zone tab on kwucoyotes.com.

If you are serious about trying to lead a group of this, please email Mike Hermann (mike.hermann@kwu.edu) or you can get in contact with myself (ethan.resh@kwu.edu) and then I will push the word forward. Let’s all get behind this movement, and let’s make gameday’s go to a whole other level here on campus.

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