Halloween Radio Drama

Written by on October 21, 2018

While many of you were out trick or treating, maybe even partying, myself and my amazing editor got to be a part of an old-time-radio style radio drama that was part of our Media Performance class.

Yes you heard that right, a radio drama. On Halloween night, we arrived at Ad Astra books and coffee at 5:30 for our cast call, a half-hour before the figurative curtain lifted on our live show. For those who couldn’t make it to the show, we live-streamed it on KKWU Radio, our online student radio station. Now you might immediately think, “Are you proud to be spending your halloween doing that?” And the answer would be, “100 percent yes!” We put in an overwhelming number of hours of practice and rehearsal, both in and out of the classroom. After all that hard work, we were determined to make it pay off. The result was a feeling of such pride in ourselves and our classmates, that we knew it would remain in our memories for years to come.

This year our class tackled the drama “The Hitchhiker” written by Lucille Fletcher, widely considered by many to be the “Grand Dame” of American radio drama. She wrote more than a dozen scripts, ten novels, and also worked as a copyright clerk, music librarian, and publicity writer for CBS radio.

Our student cast included, Stephen Loader in the lead of Ronald Adams, with supporting roles played by Cassity Morlan, Zeriam Jackson, Jason Jepsen, and Kylie Ross. Myself, James Richey, Quinton Smith, Brenden Ganaway, and Christopher Duncan all served as announcers and hosts for the program.

The story is the tale of Ronald Adams, traveling across the country but who encounters a ghostly apparition who appears to be a hitchhiker. Throughout the story he ends up meeting two gas attendants who end up calling him crazy, and picks up a female hitchhiker along the way who gets the ride of her life.  In the end, he ends up desperately trying to call home and…well, to learn how it ends, you’ll have to listen to the whole story when it becomes available on KWUStudentmedia.com. I promise it’ll be worth the listen!

As for being  a part of the show, I will flat out tell you all the practice we gave in was all so worth it. For about the past month or so, we would spend every Thursday class period going over the script. It honestly seemed that every day I showed up, I would encounter another new critique about my performance! My classmate, Jason Jepsen, said that “Im not really a nervous person, but before my part was coming, I got so nervous.. but while I was talking it went away. I also had really good time, it makes me want to do more acting stuff.”

How can you be a part of these performances? Contact Paul Green and he will let you know how you can get involved for projects like these, and you might even end up joining his Media Performance class, which has easily been one of my favorite college courses.

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