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Written by on October 21, 2018

Whenever we go on vacation abroad we always bring a bunch of stuff with us that we know we might need but the country we’re about to travel to might not have. What if the vacation was 10 months long? It’s not about what you will need anymore, because you’ll have enough time to find substitutes, but what you would miss not having. Oh and it all has to be lighter than 50 pounds and shorter than 62 linear inches. In my case that choice was easy. I brought 50 Kisiels with me from Poland.

Kisiel is a viscous fruit dish made of sweetened fruit juice and cornstarch and it is good for literally everything. It is one of those things that your grandma would make you whenever you’re sad, sick, hurt, or simply missing home while spending your summer over at her house. It just never disappoints. After World War II, when the accessibility of food in Poland was very limited, Kisiel was a base of nourishment in most households. This dish was invented in poor areas of eastern Europe.

Anyway, I could only bring 50 with me which makes it 5 Kisiels per month, and that is only 1.25 per week. It is kind of a struggle for me because every time I am reaching for one I ask myself if I really need it, and the more I eat the less I have, so evey next kisiel that I eat makes a higher percentage of impoverishing my reserves. It reminds me of a story that my dad used to tell me from his childhood. When he was growing up martial law was declared in the country and the government was controlled by the Soviet Union. One of the aspects of that situation was that the stores were empty all week besides days of delivery. On those days tons of people would stand in lines for hours in order to get a chance to buy something. My grandpa’s employer used to give him a ration card for as much as 2 pounds of cheese a week because he had a family of six. So every monday after work he would bring the cheese home, cut into six pieces and put it in the fridge. That way everyone could manage their portion throughout the whole weekend, because there was no way of buying more. It used to seem crazy and a little bit improbably to me but now I can completely understand it.

Anyway, if you ever run into a Polish store ask for a Kisiel!


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