Diversity at KWU

Written by on November 27, 2018

Kansas Wesleyan is home to just under 800 students. Students from all kinds of backgrounds. Students from California to Nevada, Texas to Washington , Florida to Colombia. For those who are from Kansas this campus seems to have way more than enough diversity. For some, it might even be the first time they have ever truly known an African-american. But for those people who are from places like California or Texas , we learn quickly that there is close to no diversity. So a question raised from my head. Is it just a perspective thing or is Kansas really non-diverse? So I went to something that has never failed me before. Google. As I looked at the resources and databases, I found the statistics I needed. Kansas is 86.1% White . That means that in the whole state there is only about 14% of minorities. Now I would be lying if I said this statistic was surprising to me. You can see it when you go anywhere in public. So I thought to myself, what does the diversity look like here on campus? So i walked around for days asking people what they thought. Out of about 40 people, not one person guessed even close to the true numbers. So what are the actual numbers? Well here at KWU,  only 5% of students are African American and only 15% of students are hispanic. So that means that this campus is 70% white. Now this statistic really surprised me. Cause it seems like when you walk around campus that there would be a lot more spread of diversity. The last thing I expected was to see that the largest minority group here on campus was Hispanics.

So what can we do here on campus to encourage more diversity? Well luckily this year we have a perfect solution for you. The Multicultural Student Union has come back to campus. Sunday, December 2nd at 5 pm was the first MSU sponsored event. The 1st annual Social BBQ, had free food and games to all the students here on campus. Now of course when you hear about this, there are many misconceptions. People think that they don’t have enough culture for a group like this. They also think that all we do is lecture on how much we feel oppressed. But the truth is that we are simply here to enjoy and celebrate the diversity in this country and around the world. We are here to help each other educate ourselves on the different cultures in this world. This group gives us an opportunity to get together and enjoy our time here on campus together. The best way to fight this struggle for diversity is to stand together and push for more. So to learn more about the Multicultural Student Union , come out to the events and just have fun. I’m not just the writer of this article, but I am also the President of the MultiCultural Student Union. I am beyond blessed and humbled to hold this prestigious calling and I have sat here and watched it grow week in and out. This organization is fortunate enough to have members who are involved in almost every aspect here on this campus. Members who truly have the love for every student on this campus . So I extend an invitation to all those here to join the MSU family. Help us make something that can change this entire campus for the better.

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