Palentaria La Nena

Written by on February 12, 2019

Recently, I went to Palenteria La Nena on W Cloud street to discover and try some Mexican treats. The store is conveniently located about a three minute drive from campus, making it an easy and convenient place to get a bite to eat after class. The store has a very unique set up and definitely has a one stop shop vibe, which makes it even more convenient. They are well known for their baked goods, like conchas, and ice cream, including mangonadas. They also are well known for their various types of fruit dishes, like piña loca and sandia loca. Piña loca is basically pineapple filled with fruit and topped with chamoy, while sandia loca is half a watermelon filled with fruit and topped with lime juice and chamoy. Both are very delicious, refreshing, and really a bang for your buck as the portion sizes are quite large. They sell various types of Mexican candy, while also selling cleaning supplies and even perfume. It is the perfect place for those to venture out of their comfort zone and can even be a place that reminds some  people of home.

I decided to try the magonada on this visit to Palenteria La Nena, as it was suggested to me by a friend. A mangonada is very popular snack and is basically mango ice cream, chamoy, lime juice, and Chile. It also comes with a Chile coated straw and is topped with mango. It is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and sour. It is mainly a summer dish, because it is so refreshing, but I had it in the middle of winter so, yeah. The mangaada was really delicious and refreshing. It had the perfect amount of heat and sweetness, which gives it a very unique flavor. It also was fairly affordable, which is always nice. Overall, I would give my experience 5 out of 5 spoons and I will for sure be going back! 

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