Where to go in Salina: Bogey’s

Written by on April 1, 2019

1417 S 9th St

Bogey’s is the bomb. There’s really no other way to put it. With a million billion ice cream flavors and combinations, custom drinks, curly fries, awesome burgers, cheese dip, mozzarella sticks, and a ton of other stuff, Bogey’s really lives up to its “Bogey’s is Better” slogan. Bogey’s is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from campus, and the food is cheap and amazing. The only real issue is that you stink when you leave, but you can just change and shower with a belly full of amazing. Bogey’s has a bit of a soft spot in my heart, as I used to go there for lunch all the time during high school because it was right next to it. Eventually the employees started to recognize my friends and I and they started giving us the hook up on refills of cherry limeades, more cheese on our fries, the works. Bogey’s also has a running trend of limited time menu items, which really gives you incentive to go. For a while, they had seasoned potato wedge fries, and they were far and away the best fries in town. Unfortunately, those are gone now, but they still do promotional stunts like that all the time.

Bogey’s is the epitome of a small town, locally owned restaurant. It may not be healthy, but when you go to a dive like Bogey’s, I hope you’re not expecting it to be healthy. When you’re ready to pig out and fall into a food coma afterward, Bogey’s is really the ultimate option here in Salina. They grill all their meat with onions like they do at the Cozy Inn, so all of the patties are juicy and wonderful. You can get chili and cheese all over a styrofoam lid full of curly fries, and really chow down to your heart’s content. Bogey’s may be small, but that’s part of its charm. Like I said, Bogey’s really feels special and like its something exclusive to Salina, and it should feel that way, because it is. Where else can you get a shake with real chunks of blended up cookie or candy and a huge burger with everything on it and not feel like you got skimped by a corporate penny pinching limit put on how awesome your shake and burger can be?

I would recommend Bogey’s to anyone at any point. The menu is absolutely huge, and there’s no real way around it, it is just something you have to have. During the summer, you can even eat outside on their patio. I’ve hung out with my friends at Bogey’s more times than I can count, and we’ve always walked away a bit “jollier.” Bogey’s has held and always will hold a special place in my heart, and I encourage you to give it the chance to hold a special place in yours. That said, you should probably make sure you don’t have anything too important planned for after you eat.

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