Where to go in Salina: CD Tradepost

Written by on April 1, 2019

2342 Planet Ave

CD Tradepost is more than meets the eye from its name. You may think that it’s just a place to buy albums, and you’d be partially correct. You may think it’s a place to go buy video games, and you’d also be partially correct. You may think it’s a place to buy all things electronic hobbies, and you’d be fully correct. With an inventory spanning classic games, game consoles and accessories, new games, DVDs, box sets, anime, albums, vinyl, you name it, CD Tradepost is the place to go for all your needs. The atmosphere is always relaxed, the person working always knows what they’re talking about, and you may not get a better deal on trading in than you would at Gamestop, but you’ll almost surely get a better deal buying. One interesting thing about the store is that the music being played is always from a CD that they’re selling and it’s handpicked and showcased by the employee. Being on Planet Avenue, CD Tradepost is a bit of a distance from the school, but it isn’t too far by anyone’s definition. CD Tradepost admittedly has a soft spot in my heart, I’ve found super rare old games in really good condition there like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars among other things. Much of my retro game collection was purchased from there. CD Tradepost is conveniently located next to Mr. Goodcents, near the mall, Dillons, and many other places to eat and recreate, so you can make your trip to CD Tradepost an outing. There’s a cabinet with a bunch of retro games and used consoles, but unfortunately that cabinet seems to continue to get smaller as time goes on. Behind the counter, there are a bunch of controllers, headsets, console accessories, and newer consoles. The selection of DVDs and box sets is quite extensive, along with their huge collection of games that is all arranged alphabetically. CD Tradepost also has a loyalty program that they don’t care if you share with your friends, so if you register for one of their membership programs, you can pass the card around and rack up rewards big time. I used my friend’s card on a keychain for years, and the store was well aware that it wasn’t mine. Music lovers, especially vinyl lovers, will love CD Tradepost. Somehow they managed to cram the titular CDs and vinyl in the middle of the store, and still have room with their other huge collections for you to walk around.

Overall, I’d recommend going to CD Tradepost at least once just to see what they have. If you think that there might be anything you might want in there, chances are, they have it. Sometimes, you might not even know that there’s something you want in there, until you wander over to the Playstation 1 section and see the original Grand Theft Auto and think… man I gotta have that.

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