Where to go in Salina: Taqueria Fresnillo

Written by on April 1, 2019

211 W Cloud St

If you’re anything like me, the only Mexican food you’ve ever really had is either something made out of a box at home, something from Taco Bell, or something that just generally isn’t really satisfying. I have never been a big fan of Mexican food, and it’s always made me feel distinctly white, especially considering my favorite so far is a Doritos Locos Taco. Enter: Taqueria Fresnillo.

Taquiera Fresnillo is something of an enigma. It has been described as “the best tacos in town.” Anyone you ask about it will say some derivation of “that place is good,” full stop. No one really has much to say about it, and that’s simply because they’re floored at how good it is. A small taco joint in Kraft Manor, it’s pretty easy to miss if you don’t know about it. Just like Bogey’s, Taqueria Fresnillo is right next to campus, and is arguably closer than the caff to some places. Also just like Bogey’s, Taqueria Fresnillo has a big menu and specials that change all the time. Taqueria Fresnillo is a family owned and operated restaurant, and it makes you feel at home. The staff is super friendly, and you shouldn’t ever feel out of place. There’s something to be said about real Mexican food instead of “Mexican” food like what I’ve had from places like Taco Bell; a comparison almost can’t even be drawn. Taqueria Fresnillo is no stranger to students from K-Dub, but if you haven’t been there yet, do yourself a favor. Everyone I know who goes there on a regular basis (which, for the record, is virtually everyone I know at Kansas Wesleyan) always orders a boatload of food from Taqueria Fresnillo and never leaves unsatisfied. And, if you’re an upperclassman, you can even grab a margarita if you so choose. The reviews for Taqueria Fresnillo are raving across the board, whether it be testimonials in person or online. One must wonder how Salina got so lucky as to get such a gleaming jewel as Taqueria Fresnillo, but I suppose we should just be thankful that we did. Salina may not have the best places to eat in the world, but it sure does have a few standout contenders.

I, and everyone else that I have ever spoken to, would recommend Taqueria Fresnillo to anyone and everyone to try at least once, especially if you’ve never had “real” Mexican food. The quality and the proximity are undeniable, it’s a no brainer to go at least once. You basically have no excuse to not go. The reputation of Taqueria Fresnillo precedes the restaurant itself, and for good reason. You can hardly make a restaurant right next to a college campus and experience as much success and credibility as Taqueria Fresnillo in the time that it has without being absolutely incredible, and they’ve proven that they are.

Seriously. Go.

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