Axe Throwing at Johnny Rottens

Written by on August 28, 2019

During my visit to Johnny Rottens, I decided to try the Cheesy Fried pickles and while I was there, I noticed some new construction going on next door. After ordering my food, which by the way was absolutely to die for, I asked the waitress if she knew any information on what is going to be put next door. From what she told me the owner stated that there will be an exciting axe throwing experience next door. While the name of the establishment is still to be determined, we know that the construction will be completed before September 29th of this year as there is already a private event booked for that night. It is still yet to be determined if the establishment will serve food, but if it does, the food would come from the Johnny Rottens kitchen. There will be a full-service bar located inside the establishment and there will be easy access between Johnny Rottens and the unnamed location. If you are looking for a new and exciting experience in Salina, then the new business right next to Johnny Rottens is the place to go. 


Hunter Pane | KWU Student Media
Hunter Pane | KWU Student Media

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