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Written by on August 29, 2019

It’s the start of a brand new school year. Coming back to campus after a relaxing summer can be a wakeup call to some. This is where reality starts to set in. College is all about preparing students for what comes next in their life. For many, this means joining the workforce.

But not everyone is actually ready to do that. There are multiple requirements that employers expect fresh graduates to have completed by the time they are ready to start working. A finalized resume, a fancy internship, and even real work experience are some of the items employers see as essential deciding factors as to whether you actually get the job or not.

All that sounds stressful. Putting them off to the last minute, is what most students do instead. Facing real world necessities like making a resume isn’t something a new freshman wants to worry about. They have time to get things figured out, but what happens when they are suddenly seniors, being handed a diploma without a slightest idea as to what is to come?

This is where the KWU Career Services Department comes in. The Career Services Department, located in Student Development on the bottom floor of Pioneer Hall, can and wants to help students be better prepared for the world. Lightening the load of demands expected from employers almost seems impossible, but Patsy Stockham, the Career Services Coordinator, can make it happen.

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With one year under her belt heading the department, Stockham provides students with numerous events and programs to prepare them for whatever they need. These include a few that have already taken place; Meet the Merchants and the Discovery Fair, where KWU students could meet local businesses, organizations, or campus clubs that they may be interested in. When asked about the turn out and her experience with these programs, Stockham responded, “We are trying to do our best to really engage students and empower them to be better communicators.”

The Career Services Department also sends out the weekly Wednesday Opportunities for Work, otherwise known as WOW, emails with work, internship, and volunteer experiences to all KWU students. “All these opportunities are because that employer has reached out to us and said, ‘I want a KDub student.'” Salina businesses obviously have a strong desire to help Kansas Wesleyan students with their future endeavors by sending out these opportunities directly to campus.

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Along with acutal events, Stockham is welcome to walk-ins for anyone who may need help with resume prepping, practice interviews, and much more. Another service Career Development has to offer is their Career Closet. They have gently used clothes for students to take for free if they are in need of professional looking attire for interviews, work or anything.

It’s not just Stockham that advocates the importance of having a Career Services Department on campus. KWU Business Professor Dr. Petak, voiced her support of the department. “Whether students need help composing an effective resume and cover letter, are seeking interview preparation and etiquette, or are looking for an employment opportunity, career services is the one-stop-shop.”

Overall, the biggest takeaway Stockham wants students to get is, “that Career Development isn’t just for the upperclassmen.” In her office and online, Stockham has guidelines with mapped out events for each class year to visit or explore in ensuring they are on the right track in their own career development. “It really highlights the things you can be doing now. But it is never, ever too early to have a resume in place, be thinking about internships, or to be thinking about what is it that I need to be doing now.”

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Even though she has been here for such a short amount of time, Stockham has noticed that those students who do visit her on a regular basis are the ones who are already effectively planning for their future. Being there to help KWU students throughout their entire time here at school is her biggest priority. “I would love to meet with everyone from the moment they step on the campus, to the time we’re starting to apply for positions as they get ready to graduate.”

Putting things off till the last possible opportunity doesn’t help out anyone. Doing assignments last minute only results in poor work, and can easily drag down grades. Why do that with your career? Stop by the Career Services Department in Student Development and visit with Patsy Stockham about what simple, easy steps you can take to make sure you are ready once you graduate.

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