Carol Lee Donuts

Written by on September 9, 2019

Carol Lee Donuts, located in Salina, Kansas, is an authentic donut shop. It’s near the Kansas Wesleyan University. It’s not your typical all day donut shop as they open early in the morning buts are closed by noon. Being an authentic little shop, it’s pretty small you have to look when you are driving by. Walking in the door you just feel the classic feel of an old school donut shop, not like a dunkin donuts. You walk in and get that cozy feeling of a restaurant, not when you walk in and there are a bunch of business people running around late. One donut was enough for satisfaction but the cashier gave me an extra one out of her good spirits. They were extremely delicious and they  even had all the flavors you could think of like chocolate and strawberry. I haven’t tasted a classic donut in a while but it was very good. They have a soft outside with a chewy middle and the glaze could make your tongue melt. Consumers would love these donuts for events, coworkers, family events, and even for students to grab a quick donut before class begins. Carol Lee Donuts is the place to be!

Carol Lee Donuts is located at 104 5th st. and the phone number is (785) 827-2402.

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