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Written by on September 12, 2019

I feel like I have not been completely honest with everyone up until this point, but everyday I am starting to feel more and more comfortable- more ready to share my truth. There is no easy way to put this so I will just say it straight: I, Abby Wray, am a Blink -182 fan. An overall pop punk fan, but Blink holds a special place in my heart. 


That is right folks and it feels so good to get off my chest. I have loved Blink since early middle school and so I was absolutely thrilled to hear they were coming to my hometown (Wichita) September 6th! Tickets ranged from approximately $30-$90, but because I am a broke college student I thought it was out of reach. I entered every single contest I could find to try to win tickets, called into every radio station, etc. But to no avail. UNTIL…


The night before the concert, one of my friends texted me saying she had one extra floor seat that she was willing to sell for $20! I knew this was better than winning any ticket on the radio, or on Facebook and immediately said yes. So, the next day I drove to Park City (an area right around Wichita, KS), parked in possibly the largest parking lot in existence, and went to my very first concert by myself. 

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Me at the concert! Floor seats, section F

I was nervous before the concert began, but the moment the opener for Blink started playing, all my nerves melted away like snow after winter. Neck Deep put on quite the show for what they called, “all their old friends and hopefully all their new friends”. Their energy was electric and the audience could tell the band was passionate. I had heard a lot about Neck Deep, but I had never listened to their music before the concert. Their performance made me look them up afterword though, very punk, high energy, fun music. 

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Studio Image of the Band

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

The stage for Neck Deep

Then, eventually, the moment of truth happened! Blink-182 came out on stage and it was awesome. Seeing this band that I have listened to for years, in the flesh, was such a treat. They played their entire album Enema of the State, as it turned 20 this year. As Mark Hoppus put it, “We’re gonna play this album the way I like to wipe; from front to back,” And they did. Hearing the songs I may not have heard as much like Mutt, or Dysentery Gary and the classics like Adam’s Song and What’s My Age Again was a very interesting and fun experience. After such a powerful opening band, I felt like Blink-182’s opening could have been a bit stronger but as the concert went on, the band connected with the audience and built off their energy. Eventually every song became better than the last. By the time Blink sang the beloved song, All the Small Things, the crowd was singing just as loud as the band. One of my favorite parts of the concert was the comedic commentary provided constantly by Hoppus. He really would say anything he wanted with such confidence.


^^Video of All the Small Things

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Stage for Blink

Abby Wray | KWU Student Media

Another shot of the stage

Overall it was a wonderful first concert by myself and I would love to see Blink-182 and Neck Deep perform again. I am just glad I can finally be true to myself and have no more secrets- I am a pop punk fan.

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