Concert Honoring Women in Music

Written by on September 20, 2019

The music department here at Kansas Wesleyan is planning a concert to honor the women who have changed the face of music throughout history.  The concert, which is called “Voices of Eve: An Evening of Women in Music” is scheduled for October 7th and will be headlined with a performance by the KWU Wind Ensemble. However, the evening will be more than a concert and it will be the opportunity to learn about women’s suffrage and the history leading up to the creation of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. That evening, Doctor Anita Specht, the Associate Professor of History here at KWU will be giving a “Concert in Context” lecture in the Fitzpatrick Auditorium. Alongside this informative lecture, comments from composers and the chair of the KWU Music Department, Doctor Milt Allen will be present as well to help but the concert itself into the historical prospective that Doctor Specht will be presenting that evening.

After an informative historical experience, the evening will change locations and move into Sam’s Chapel, where the concert proper will begin with the supporting act as the KWU Middle School Honor Band will take the stage for a short performance, after the conclusion, the main event featuring the KWU Wind Ensemble will begin.

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KWU Wind Ensemble

After the evening has concluded, the five composers of the overall musical presentation, Grace Baugher, Kimberly Archer, Nicole Piunno, Makenzi Johnson and Stephanie Berg will be present for a reception in Pioneer Hall. “Voices of Eve” will premier only a few days before KWU’s Homecoming Weekend, during which the university will be celebrating fifty years of women in KWU athletics. The concert will hopefully be an incredible, unforgettable experience filled with historical significance and an opportunity to open a dialogue and to have discussion. When combined with the upcoming Homecoming festivities the following weekend, the concert will serve to kick off a celebration of female contributions to KWU as a whole.

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