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Written by on September 28, 2019

This weekend, from September 27-28th, KWU’s debate team took to the road for the first time this year. The tournament, which took place at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas was the first collegiate debate experience for five of the seven members of the team, who are all freshmen. Despite the world of college debate being completely foreign to them, the freshmen on the team performed extremely well and took home multiple awards after the two day tourney.

Bryce Boyd | KWU Student Media

Madi Mitchell, Nathan Naputi, Abby Wray and Dallas McMillen discuss the coming round.

Saturday night after dinner, I went back to the hotel room with Dallas and Nathan, and decided to ask them what their take on the tournament was as freshmen, to see the weekend through their eyes.

“I’m already sort of used to how tournaments run, but it was a good change of scenery because it was a fresh take something I already know and enjoy.”

Dallas, who had already been to a collegiate level tournament, had simply never competed in one at this level. So it was nice to see what he said, as he had some understanding of how things functions when the team travels around.

“It’s always fun going to a tournament and testing your communication skills and seeing who’s better and speaking. However it’s extremely stressful trying to get around and dealing with the pressure of knowing you might not be as good as everyone else in there, and also not knowing what to expect from a college tournament.”

Nathan have a good take on the experience overall, and showed that for freshmen the first tournament experience is enjoyable but at the same time stressful.

Later that night, I also talked to Madi Mitchell, who is another freshmen who had competed for the first time as well, and was able to get another perspective on the tournament.

“For the most part, at least for individual events, it’s a lot like high school… it’s just arranged differently, so it’s a little weird to adjust to. Overall, I had a great time and things could’ve definitely gotten worse, so it was pretty nice.”

Madi provided a good perspective on the weekend, showing that debate in college is similar to the high school circuit, but the structure takes time to get used to.

At the end of the weekend, the KWU Debate Team took home 9 total awards, a good start to what will hopefully become a great season, and with freshmen that show promise like the group our team has, the awards will simply keep coming.

Bryce Boyd | KWU Student Media

The 2019-2020 KWU Debate Team. (Left to right, Abby Wray, Cassity Morlan, Dallas McMillen, Tiffany Carriker, Bryce Boyd, Nathan Naputi, Madi Mitchell)

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