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Written by on October 11, 2019

Homecoming, one of the most looked upon affairs for countless universities across the nation. A weekend of traditions and celebrations all centered around a college sporting event of some kind. Past graduates of all years travel back to stroll their old campus stomping grounds to reminisce in memories. Here at Kansas Wesleyan University, numerous events for visiting alumni scatter the schedule for Homecoming 2019. One being the Alumni College which headlines the weekend’s excitement Friday, October 12th, running from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

During Alumni College, professors open up their classes to alums wanting to sit in on a lecture or lab. To get more information about the event, Kendall Carter, the Alumni Engagement Officer for KWU, was able to share some insight. “Its a really unique opportunity for alumni to come back, and sit in the classroom, and hear about what the students are learning about now, ” Carter said. For some past grads, the classes and materials have seen great changes from what they covered during their college days. For example, Carter shared, “we have a physics professor that is coming back and going to sit in a physics class. He gets to see the tools they get to use now and, you know, relive those times they got to sit in a classroom when they were students here.” Being able to check in and learn of what students are now studying almost comes full circle for some alumni.

As the Alumni Engagement Officer, Carter has taken the lead on the idea and planning behind the Alumni College. Just in her second year of working in this position, she started something similar to Alumni College. Instead, KWU alums in various professions were welcomed back to campus to speak during classes and share the experiences they had themselves as students here and post graduation. On this Carter mentioned, “it was a really good opportunity for those alumni to give back to the university with their time and knowledge, and help our students understand what life after Kansas Wesleyan looks like.” This year, they wanted to switch things up as a way to keep alumni involved. As interesting and informative having graduates share their stories, you can get more people to come back and visit when any alum can sit in on a class. 

University homecomings aren’t just old ceremonies. “Its really just a big party for everyone,” Carter mentioned, “its so much fun to see alumni interact with students.” If you do happen to run into any past KWU graduates, visit with them, ask them questions. Although years may have past since their time for calling Kansas Wesleyan home, their encounters may rival many of what current students go through. You never know, visiting with an alumni could possibly provide opportunities for any individual. Many past Coyotes are always looking for ways to give back to KWU. This Friday, be on the look out for alums visiting your class as they get ready for Homecoming weekend. 

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