Softball and Baseball Alumni Games

Written by on October 22, 2019

During the course of the Annual Kansas Wesleyan University Homecoming weekend several different activities went on through out the long three days of the weekend. The two games were played at two different locations, the baseball game was hosted at the Dean Evans stadium and the softball game was hosted at the Bill Burke field. These events both took place at the same time at 11am on October Saturday 12, 2019.

The Alumni games gave the opportunity for past players of previous teams to come and player against the upcoming teams for the 2019 season for both programs. At the end of both games the upcoming teams for both softball and baseball took home the win for this homecoming weekend. In the over sight of the weekend the teams for the KWU are defiantly going to be fun to watch this spring season.

Going back and getting the chance to talk to a few of the Alumni that came back to play in the games this weekend was the best part of it all. Everyone that came back to play was extremely excited to come play. Class of 2019 graduates Taylor LaGrange and Tanner Nelson both explained their excitement of playing in these games. Tanner expand how excited he was to “be back with the boys” was his main goal and excitement. After graduating from college in the spring of ¬†2019 Tanner returned to his hometown in Oklahoma and has been starting his career with coaching at a local baseball team ever sense. Tanner said ” I knew I was making the trip back to the SK in the fall to see the boys again” back ¬†before the graduation of 2019. These alumni members bring the main idea and culture back to the softball players that are presently playing. The love and joy that these players bring back to the field when they return is like non other. The culture of both the teams expresses family, love, and hard work and getting the current student to have a reminder of that from their past teammates is one of the best ways to motivate any player.

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