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Written by on November 3, 2019

In college, everything happens. EVERYTHING. You know what I am talking about – sex. There are thousands of various phrases and ways to say it, but no one ever seems to actually talk about it openly. For years, there has been a stigma surrounding sex making it uncomfortable to have conversations concerning it. However, Cassity Morlan, a senior Communications and Public Relations major who is also a member of the debate and forensics team, shares her voice on sex to the public with her podcast Sex Talk with Cass. Starting out as a radio show last year, Cassity decided to branch out and make her hour long segments podcast format and are posted weekly on the KWU Student Media website and on the app. Overall, Sex Talk with Cass is all about sex positivity and inclusiveness, but also covers topics like casual dating, relationships, sex, love and everything in-between.

Cass is not one to shy away from big topics included in the sex sphere. One of her favorite episodes she has done so far was over fat positivity and, “including fat bodies into sex conversations.” Another show she particularly enjoyed recording was over cuffing season, which refers to a specific time of the year, generally from October to March, where people become extremely motivated to get coupled up. She told, “cuffing season is something a lot of us college people experience, and it was just a fun area to talk on.” 

The podcast booth set up.

Branching out, Cassity will invite guests onto the podcast for their opinions and insight on the subjects up for discussion. A new segment she has implemented onto the show is Tea Talk. Ultimately, she and Kylie Ross, a fellow senior at Kansas Wesleyan and friend of Cassity’s, sit down and dish on whatever is stuck on their minds for the day. So far, this has also been a fun area for Cass on the podcast as well. 

In the early days of Sex Talk with Cass, it was a little nerve-wracking to start a radio show that covered such a taboo topic like sex. She mentioned, “my parents were listening, I mean I had family members listen too. I even did an episode about anal sex, and I know I had a couple of family members listening in.” As embarrassing as that may seem to many, it made Cassity more open to talking about sex. “I definitely think it is something I just had to let go, because we all experience sex in different ways and parts of our lives.” Creating an environment that is accepting and welcoming to discuss sex has led others to want to do the same. 

Cass shared that many individuals have come up to her saying they never really felt comfortable to talk about sex and other topics she covers. “To be able to talk about more of the openness of sex and, you know, to answer people’s questions, I just definitely think it is important to talk about taboo topics. Especially when sex is literally something we all experience whether it’s more on a personal level or with other people. I just think it’s empowering to not only myself but to other people to be able to share that,” she said. 

One of the biggest things Cassity wants listeners to understand after tuning in to Sex Talk with Cass, is to be on the same page with their partners. Consent and communication are the two things she preaches. Having already established consent and communication in sex and relationships makes the environment between one another easier. It is important to have that openness and honesty. 

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Looking for Sex Talk with Cass episodes? Here is her signature image logo so you know you’re in the right direction!

Cassity has many more episodes already in the works for listeners. If you are wanting to know more about her podcast, Sex Talk with Cass, check out the podcasts area on the KWU Student Media website or on the app. There she has a mini bio about herself and the show, and the entire collection of episodes starting from the beginning.

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