Sit down with Coach Sohn

Written by on November 5, 2019

How did you get your start at KWU?


After I graduated from college, I knew I wanted to be a soccer coach. So I started applying for Graduate Assistant Positions. My College Coach knew Coach Cocon and put in a good word for me. I went through the Interview process and got the Job. 


After I was done with my GA position, I moved to South Carolina to take job at a different University. As soon as I have heard that the Head Women’s Soccer Coach position opened up, I applied and got invited to an on campus interview.  1 week later I moved back to Kansas to start the job. 


What was the transition like coming from Germany to America?


It was very different, everything is bigger in the US. The cars, the roads and grocery stores. But the biggest challenge was to understand people. It is a different culture over here, I had to learn how to communicate with people effectively and how to react to new situations. I really enjoyed the transition and love being in America. 


What’s your favorite part about coaching the women’s team?


I enjoy being part of a team. I like every single player, I believe it is great group to work with. The relationships you build as a coach, is what makes the job is enjoyable. 


What is the most challenging part of your job?


It can get really busy during seasons. There are some days when you can’t take a break and have to push through it. But it is worth it.  


What are some of your favorite memories from this season?


It has been an interesting season. We had a slow start but came back for conference. 

My favorite memory is going to California with the team and staying out there for labor day weekend. 


What are you looking forward to going into the KCAC tournament?


It is the start of a new season. We have been working hard to put ourselves in a good position for the tournament. I believe we can make a deep run into the tournament and surprise some teams. 

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