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Written by on November 19, 2019

Hunter Pane | KWU Student Media

The Cozy Inn might be one of the most unique restaurants in Salina. With a very rich history dating all the way back to 1922, there is quite a lot to unpack about this small diner. Founded by Bob Kinkel, the restaurant quickly rose in popularity due to its extremely cheap prices and simple menu. When I say a simple menu I really mean it. There is only one item on the menu and that’s the cozy burger. While you could just order one, most people order between four and six of these small sliders. Since the establishment has been around for nearly 100 years they have grown quite the following now spanning between three generations. This cozy little restaurant has been nationally recognized by the Travel channel as being ranked sixth on America’s Top Ten Hamburgers. Now, of course, I had to go and try the Cozy Burger out for myself, so I went down with my roommate to see if it really was a good as they say.

We each decided to have two of the cozy burgers which by the way only cost us each $2.50 total. The inside is very small as there are only six stools in which customers can sit down at and as you sit down you watch the cooks make the food right in front of you. The whole process is surprisingly fast as within minutes of us sitting down and ordering we had our food ready. Overall I was very impressed with the taste of the burger, it was the perfect size to hold in your hand and enjoy. The simplicity of the menu made it a very easy process from start to finish and the aroma of the burgers was quite nice. Though if you are visiting on your lunch break I recommend ordering outside because even though I was only in the establishment for less than ten minutes, the strong odor of onions and burger lingered with me for hours afterward.

So whether you are a broke college student looking for a cheap meal or want to reminisce back to the old days of cheap sliders in diners I highly recommend stopping by the Cozy Inn on 7th street and picking up a few cozy burgers.








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