The Coyote’s Nose

Written by on November 19, 2019

If you have been on campus for longer than a day then I am sure that you have passed by the Coyote statue that resides alongside the walkway near the Student Activities Center. He sits there proudly guarding our campus. If you take a closer look at our beloved coyote then you’ll notice that his snout is a bright bronze color which might seem odd since the rest of him is a solid grey tone. You see it is somewhat of a tradition at Kansas Wesleyan to pet the coyote’s nose as you pass him by. For some, it might bring good luck while others simply just follow traditi0n but regardless of your reasoning for rubbing the coyote’s nose, anyone that completes this very simple task is on their way to completing the Coyote Bucket list. For those that don’t know what the bucket list is I highly recommend you follow the link that will be provided below. To become a true Kansas Wesleyan Coyote you must complete all 26 tasks within the time that you are at Kansas Wesleyan. I hope that this introduction to the bucket list will inspire you to become a true Kansas Wesleyan Coyote.

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