Purple Friday, What it is and How to Save

Written by on November 22, 2019

Salina Purple Friday

Most students here at Kansas Wesleyan have heard of Purple Fridays, and have been told that if they go to certain places around Salina wearing their school gear, they would receive discounts at various locations in town. However, something many students, including myself are largely unaware of, is where can you actually go on Purple Friday?

First thought, why not look at what Purple Friday is, and why it exists? Purple Friday is a cooperative deal between Kansas Wesleyan, K-State Polytechnic and the city of Salina to encourage students to feel more at home and build a community of support around the colleges here in Salina itself. This gives us college students some pretty good deals around town, and should definitely be taken advantage of. Rather than take a look at every location around town, this article will look at some of the better deals.

Umami Bowl: 10% off purchase


Walk into Umami Bowl on Crawford St. wearing your K-Dub gear and you’ll get a bowl with plenty of protein and flavor. Out of all the deals that Purple Friday can get you this is one of the best, you’ll get some great food with a decent discount to boot.

Qdoba: 10% off purchase


Who doesn’t like Mexican food? If you do and you want to save some money, swing on by Qdoba to save some money on some delicious Mexican eats.

Burger Theory: 15% off lunch


At first glance, all people see when looking at Burger Theory is a Holiday Inn, however inside the first floor is a pretty solid burger joint. The burgers are well made, taste great, and gives a good deal for the amount of burger you actually get on your plate. Eating lunch here on Purple Friday nets you 15% off of your ticket, which is well worth the short drive down 9th Street.

These are just three of the more appealing options to us college kids, some discounted foods for wearing purple, not a bad deal at all. However, there are more businesses and restaurants around Salina that participate in Purple Fridays, to take a look at every opportunity to save some money, or to learn more about the day, you can visit the official website here.

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