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New Year and some new dates! 

This new date Night Colum with be filled with different date nights for you are your significant other or for you and your friends! This will be the high light place for new ideas on dates or activities. There are going to be special weeks including “Girls Night Out” or “Saturdays with the boys”. 


It is always hard to find different things throughout the town of Salina Kansas to do as a college student. So maybe there is some hope in giving all the college students at KWU some ideas on what to do here. The goal here is to get everyone of out there bubble and try new things or take a leap of faith to actually explore the different things that are right here at our fingertips. Get out and have fun! 


Throughout the different date nights that come up, a true goal is to find different things that are within a college kids budget! Yes, that means cheap, fun, and maybe even free things to doing in this “boring” town of Salina! Everyone draws a conclusion that they hate it here because there is never anything to do. Well my goal for you is to get out of your bubble like suggested before and give it a chance! 


Have fun with this!  You are always welcome to send me some suggestions of different things you might have heard of but are to scared to try it out! I’ll do my best to give good feedback on all dates that I try with my friends and loved one. 


Send suggestions to !

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