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Written by on February 2, 2020

The debate tournament will be held this weekend on January thirtieth. They have invited colleges all over the country to join. The debate will have twenty to twenty five schools joining them this weekend at the debate. These Debate tournaments last up to three to four days. But our program will be one of the top favorite Universities to win the debate. Due to them winning over Twenty nationals. Coach Gary Harmen is a prestigious coach for doing nothing but having the Kansas Wesleyan Debate team set a new bar year in and year out. He has done a tremendous job with being the coach at this university. The current and past teams have won so many trophies they are literally running out of space to put them. They have already started to throw away some of the oldest ones from the past to make room.  Many debaters choose to compete in both speech and debate events or even interpret events. Day one could possibly be reserved for speech events and debate rounds. There are many different debate formats that have been used in competition. There are Lincoln-Douglas, parliamentary, student congress, model United Nations, and policy debate are all different formats in which students compete. Each debate format has unique strengths and weaknesses. Those are just some formats that I learned that can possibly take place at the Debate tournament. The debate will start off this Friday with two forms of debates and interpret events. Then on Saturday and Sunday they will have speech and Interpret events. All together from this weekend there will be up to 11 events each day. From interviewing coach Harmen I learned that Debate is an organized clash of ideas. Also you now know a little more about what it means to be on the debate team. You also know how competitive rounds of debate consists of. For example two people on each side of a controversial statement is called a resolution. The debate round is observed by a judge who selects a winner based on the arguments made in the debate.I have never thought much on the organized sport of debate but it is quite interesting. I also learned about Cross examination. It has three important purposes in the debate. It gives one side the chance to clarify the arguments and evidence presented by the other. Also, it is an opportunity to explain how you developed any flaws in the opponent’s arguments. Therefore cross examination is the time when the audience and judge have a chance to see the debaters interact with each other. For example it is basically a chance to gain the judge’s favor. Being able to Interview Coach Harmen and learn about the sport of debate was pretty cool. It was very interesting to see how the game works and learn the terminology. I was also able to do some research and learn even more from my Interview. I didn’t think the sport of debate would even be that interesting. Therefore this was a great experience on this assignment.

Paul Green | KWU Student Media

Just a few of the many trophies won by members of the KWU Debate and Forensics program over the years.

Bryce Boyd | KWU Student Media

The 2019-2020 KWU Debate Team. (Left to right, Abby Wray, Cassity Morlan, Dallas McMillen, Tiffany Carriker, Bryce Boyd, Nathan Naputi, Madi Mitchell)

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