COVID-19 downfall

Written by on March 25, 2020

With the new COVID-19 virus, our entire campus of KWU has become vacant. The new virus is horrible and annoying in my opinion. I am a part of the women basketball team  and we worked extremely hard all year to get to one point in the season, the  NAIA National tournament. Our entire trip started on Monday March 9th and was supposed to last till March 17. The trip ended for us on Thursday after we won the first round game and we were moving on to the second round. The entire team was then pulled into the hotel event room to have a meeting with our coach. In the meeting room waiting for our coach, I continued to scroll through my twitter feed and received a text message saying “sorry that your seasons over” but I hadn’t received the news quite yet. I didn’t believe the text so I continued to scroll through twitter and saw the tweet from the NAIA twitter page saying that teams will be traveling home as soon as possible due to the coronavirus. Coach then came in and broke the news to us all and then told the seniors how terrible he feels about the entire situation and that the team has always lived by the quote of “control your controllables”.  So this sucks, but we at least got there and made it to where we wanted too, but we were all still hurting. So after that we had an hour to gather our things and head back home to Salina.

From Salina, I headed home with my boyfriend back to Colorado. As of today, the state of Colorado is completely on lock down and we aren’t even allowed to travel in a car with any passengers. I never thought that this could be taken this far, but look at the world now. I left my house yesterday to get last second things from the store, but as we arrived, there was almost nothing left on the shelves.

Look at every aisle thoughout stores now.

I hate being trapped in a house just doing school work and binging Netflix because thats just now who I am but its nice to slow down. The amount of stress that I have gained or that any college student gains during the year is overwhelming. Let alone any one who works a 9am – 5pm job every weekday. They are always swamped and now everyone gets a chance to somewhat breathe. I am not saying this is a good thing at all because of the people that are sick or effected by this virus but at least there is one positive.

Changing to online school has become a different challenge for us all for sure because who likes “time off” with all of the work still? Well I don’t, but at least I’m at home doing so. We will see how this all continues but hopefully it isn’t to terrible. Everyone wash your hands and stay safe!



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