Going to school in Kansas…. in Pennsylvania

Written by on March 26, 2020

Wow. I did not think I would ever have to write this, or even think about this. With the recent shut downs of pretty much 90% of the world, I am now stuck back home in Pennsylvania. The last three weeks have been extreme range of emotions for me. I came home for spring break and was at an all-time high to see so many people, then that changed really quick. About two days into my spring break, stuff started to close. Just some little simple food places went to carry out only, some parks closed, but that’s when the reality of this virus started to hit in. The biggest challenge ahead of me was about to be how to get back to school. It seems over spring break, the virus went from people panicking from 10% all the way to 80%. People were going crazy all over the world, and the last place I wanted to be was in an airport. Luckily, the extension of break delayed that, and I can remain at home during this time.

The craziest thing about all of this has to be classes. This is kind of where I lack motivation. Not only is it so hard to find the want to do work at home, but I “graduate” in May. I am not a visual learner. I hate it. I can not stand the fact that I now need to sit through hours upon hours of PowerPoint slides. I am now in need of using the online version of all my textbooks, and guess what. I hate that too. There is genuinely only one positive out of this situation for me, and that is grad school preparation. I will be attending Millersville University, in Millersville PA, this summer for a Masters in Education in Sports Management. My program barely meets on campus, maybe only once a week throughout the fall semester.

What is life like back home for me right now? Weird. Everything is slowly in the process of going into lockdown mode and some counties are even in the process of getting a curfew in effect. The roads are slowly becoming really quiet during rush hour in the cities, i’m losing great places to eat, but I am enjoying watching Netflix. I never really have had a load of free time to sit down, do work, and watch some shows. So some shows that I have watched lately that I highly recommend are “All-American”, “Money Heist” and genuinely every comedy special that Netflix has to offer.

My biggest tip I could give a fellow student, or anyone in self isolation, is to be safe. Get out and go for a walk, take a drive around, get a meal from a drive thru, just BE SAFE.

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