Coronavirus, How To Cope Under Quarantine.

Written by on March 28, 2020

Spring break 2020 Life is going great, I had just turned 18 on March 9th, my cousin had just gotten married the day before, and I was going to spend some quality time with my grand folks in Kansas City. Thankfully I managed to hit every stop in Overland Park, KS before things went south. During the course of my stay in Overland Park I received an email from President Thompson of Kansas Wesleyan University. In the email my worst fears were confirmed. I would have to finish out spring semester of my sophomore year online. I was devastated by the fact that I wouldn’t have any contact with my fellow classmates for the next 5 months. Some of my friends are graduating this semester and I was left wondering if I would be able to see them walk. Things were looking dire until I realized that I could now move at my own pace within my classes. My semester has been crazy, a blur of paper after paper, one news report to another. With the transition to online courses I could now work at my own pace, making sure I keep on top of things however has been rough.

School hasn’t been the only thing that has changed drastically for me though, I now have to attend my local church online, something that I have slowly been adjusting to. The youth group that I still attend has also made the transition online. What was a weekly chance for me to hang out with other Christians has now become a small gathering on the web conferencing application Zoom. However, despite recent restrictions, I have been following most of my friends on social media. Up until city wide quarantine Everyone I knew back in my hometown of Topeka was treating the pandemic as if it weren’t happening. From Parties at my best friend’s house, that included more that 10 people, and meetings at the soccer fields, it became blatantly clear that my friends were acting immature in the face of a nationwide crisis. Scrolling through Facebook I began to feel even more isolated than I had at the start of the Pandemic.

How have I been dealing with the feelings of isolation? Well for one I have not been completely inactive. With extra time on my hands I have begun to get back to walking the trail that runs through my neighborhood. I have also started riding my bike again on days that are nice enough to do so. Trips to the grocery store were fun before both my parents advised me to stop taking those trips, considering my dad is an expert in biological warfare and things like it I believed them. To escape from reality, I have been binge playing each of the Assassin’s Creed Video games. A task that is arduous but a lot of fun.

In these uncertain times I have found that the best way to cope with reality is to escape it for just a small period of time a day. Live life as if nothing is happening while you stay safely inside your own home. Learn how to bake, practice painting, read a good book, skype your friends. Don’t be to afraid to go outside and enjoy the nice weather that is quickly starting to become the norm. This is Jameson Shaughnessy wishing you well.

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