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Written by on March 28, 2020

Bryce Boyd | KWU Student Media
Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

I was originally with family in Atlanta, Georgia last week. It was pretty fun, I had a great time. The weather was great, it was about 85-90 degrees. I enjoyed my time with my girl and family. I ended up leaving back to Kansas to pack and go home to Sacramento, California with my family too. My dad wanted me to come out here to Georgia because it was cheaper and more affordable to get away. But now he wanted me to go pack and come home. Since everything has got even worse.  Now that I am home it feels great but still crazy that the south Sacramento that I grew up in is really on a curfew with this virus. The police are really playing no games over here. The police are even given out citations or tickets if they catch you out for no real reason or past curfew. They pull you over for literally no reason now. They were already out of pocket crap and pulling people over and asking to search cars before I left for college. But only if you were black or brown. But what’s funny is that people over here are still trying the police. Every store is either closed or has all the food to go. It seems to be that a lot of people are taking this seriously. Already in Sacramento there have been 164 cases and 6 deaths. Both are confirmed. It’s still crazy that his virus is making everything shut down. This virus took school and football from me. For the past 3 months i’ve been training extremely hard so when spring ball comes around I’d leave my mark and go into the summer as a starter. But now I have to wait till August and it gets even worse. The gyms are closed over here. Which makes it even harder to prepare the right way for football. Now that school is closed they moved us to online classes. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad but some of my teachers are really over doing everything when it comes down to the work. It gets even more frustrating when you learn better being face to face first compared to online.That is really my biggest challenge.  For example I get really mad when I do my math homework because I’m already not good at math as it is so having it online doesn’t make it anyway better for me. I won’t give up but all I can do is pray and keep trying. Overall this change is very different and crazy. I am not the only one who is facing troubles. Just stay strong and keep your head up everyone. I just hope that everyone stays safe and enjoy your time with your loved ones. My family is safe. Even though they are currently on lockdown back over here. But my dad is being very cautious with everyone. I just hope he is also at work. He is a fireman for the stock fire department. 


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