Covid Crackdown

Written by on March 28, 2020

Bryce Boyd | KWU Student Media

Now that KWU has transitioned to online classes for the remainder of the semester, and the school itself has stated that there’s no real need for anyone to actually be on campus if they don’t have to be, it would seem that the story of how the Covid-19 pandemic affects students is transitioning to one about their individual states and cities, rather than campus policy.

For me, being back in Oklahoma means how this pandemic is affecting me is different from someone who went back home to say, Texas or Idaho. Things in Oklahoma didn’t change much at first, honestly, people went about their business, shopping, going to movies and hanging out with friends and families; this only lasted so long, though. As soon as our first… then second death from Covid-19 hit the news, people finally realized that there was in fact a pandemic happening. As case numbers began to rise, people began the age old practice of panic-buying everything that they did, and didn’t need. Toilet paper and bottled water went first, so much toilet paper you would think that it would become the de facto post-apocalyptic currency. Luckily, my dad and I ended up getting the things we actually needed, nonperishable food and the like. Eventually, cities around the state ended up taking action, recommending citizens remain in their homes as often as they can and stating there would be penalties for those found outside without an actual reason. The state took action sometime after, ordering the closing of all non-essential businesses and making sure all restaurants no longer allowed sit-down service.

Things changed rather quickly here in Oklahoma, the government has seemingly cracked down to stem the spread of the virus, but has really done little to enforce their policy. Cities that have ordered citizens remain in their homes unless totally necessary have yet to explain how they will determine what “necessary” really is. This isn’t something unique to Oklahoma, this is a pandemic that nobody has really seen before, so the response to this is being constructed as we go along.

Overall though, my family and I are fine. None of us are sick, or have come into contact with anyone who has been sick or exposed to the virus. Honestly, things are getting boring, I’d like to go do something outside, but there’s not really much to do with everything closed. I’ve played a lot of video games, watched movies that I normally wouldn’t be interested in watching and have played with the cat. Things aren’t going to get back to normal anytime soon, and I understand that, although it would be nice to be able to go to the movie theater again, or go out to dinner with some friends.

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