Face Masks, A Roadmap to Covid 19

Written by on March 30, 2020

While reviewing a Reddit Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) article I came across one that was discussing the wearing of face masks and whether this helps you avoid contracting the disease. The mask is truly meant for a person that is already infected rather that helping you from getting the disease. The feed between people took a turn to fashionable face masks and if there was fashion involved would more people be comfortable having them on.

There was some humor in those that commented that a face mask with the Nike branding or Gucci would increase the likelihood of wearing the mask. Or on another note, maybe if athletes could be suited with a facemask in their teams uniform brand, maybe they could wear them while playing the game. Surely they would need to be tested and cleared before being able to return to the basketball court.

Another feed led into the discussion of the obscene amount of printed socks. You can find about any print on a sock that you want; pickles, a person’s face, picture of your own toes or feet, your name, hamburgers, dots, covid 19, etc. So why not face masks be printed with our favorite look..

| KWU Student Media

Nike logo, fashion or no?

Assuming that in marketing and people finding a way to make a dollar, it will not be long before this idea becomes a reality. I hope they take the time to create masks that target the health issue and the purpose of them.

Of the 350 million people that might be required to wear a mask, should we be concerned about it being fashionable.

Out of all of this discussion, I feel like “if a mask were to be required” to be worn by every American, it should be manufactured as an item that identifies whether you have been tested and cleared, tested and confirmed, cleared and back to work, cleared and back to work at a particular place of employment, medical staff, etc.

It’s so odd to me that anyone would be concerned with how they look, but rather it identifying underlying issues that we could all avoid.

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