Another week in paradise

Written by on April 3, 2020

Well this just isn’t getting any easier. This week i was tasked with having to drive 18 hours all the way from Salina, Kansas all the way to Birdsboro, PA. Now that is just awful, but I am now playing catch up to all the work that i had to miss while doing all of that driving. Let’s break down on what I have really been doing.


Man, this is not easy. As I said last week, I HATE visual learning. I love face to face interaction, I love sitting there and listening to professors talk and give lectures, and only one of my classes is like that .I have four classes where I am just handed PowerPoint slides and forced to learn all the information that was regurgitated onto me thanks to Canvas. I am still doing well with grades and finishing assignments, but I would just rather be sat in a class room then having to be doing this.


It was my birthday on Wednesday! The great old age of 22. How did I spend my day? I sat around all day playing Fifa on PS4, I watched the last season of All-American, which i highly recommend, and went for a nice long walk outside with my girlfriend and my dog Max. I am not a go out and party kind of guy, so this birthday wasn’t affected pretty much at all due to the virus.


This has been a great time for me to sit down and finally watch some great shows/movies that Netflix has to offer. As I just said, All-American was genuinely incredible. It has been one of my favorite shows that Netflix has released lately. If you are need of a good show to binge, I recommend Money Heist. Money Heist is a Spanish show that is dubbed in English before you freak out and say no right away. The show released its fourth season TODAY. And yes, I am completely watching it as I am doing this. Not only writing this, but doing the other four assignments I have due today!

Food making:

This week I have been able to make a ton of new food and boy has it been fun. I’ve learned how to make some banging lasagna, stuffed shells, baked ziti, oatmeal cookies, banana bread, banana bread with peanut butter cups… essentially what I’m saying is that I now have a massive Italian and junk food problem. But atleast the food is incredible.


Essentially this quarantine has actually been fun for me. I have learned a bunch of new stuff, I had a great birthday in self-isolation, and I have watched a ton of new stuff on Netflix. The biggest piece of advice i can offer to somebody is to get outside. Obviously, you need to be safe and maintain the social distancing, but go out and at least go for a nice little walk. Staying inside for days upon days will make you go crazy and that is the last thing you and your body needs.

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