Dealing with Stress

Written by on April 4, 2020

Well when it comes to dealing with stress it is very completed. And it is more serious than you think. For many people that can relate stress, it mostly comes from either life, school, domestic issues, traffic, or work. Stress is a common thing that takes place in every human’s life. Also there is Distress. Distress is stressing tripled and means extreme anxiety and pain. Distress is the negative stress that nobody should go through. Which is the stress that you don’t want. Stress is when someone is feeling overwhelmed with demands of a situation. Like from others or yourself. Stress can even come from how you even think. I forgot to throw that in also. Everybody has stressed or been stressed before in their life. Everyone has to deal with it, no matter who he or she might be. Also, if stress is not properly dealt with, stress may enter some extreme cases. From leading to death is the worst. Stress can be dealt with in several ways. If the person does not deal with it in a  positive manner, stress will lead to negative results. Therefore, the way we deal with stress is the main factor in getting rid of it. For example writing a diary, working out, doing things that make me happy or even just expressing yourself to someone will be the best option in my opinion. A big time stressor is school itself. It brings many worries. Some of those worries include grades, worrying about getting bullied, assignments, but most importantly financial debt. For example, studying for history and chemistry midterm all in the same week can really put a load on any student shoulders. On top of the stress that class gives students, they could even be at least 300 dollars in debt for the class regardless of their final grade. Therefore many deal with these problems in the wrong way. They get too frustrated and overwhelmed. Even start to believe they are wasting their time, and most importantly their money. When students dealing with this type of situation  actually go as far as to consider dropping out of school. That is a frequent mistake that happens still to this day. A positive example of a way of dealing with this school related stress issue is to be smart with your money and time management. When setting a schedule you could prioritize school work and then find time slots with free time activities. Another example is to deal with the stress from school by listening to music right before class to relax and even give motivation. From what I’ve learned and knew about stress, I feel that anybody can reduce his or her worry by the specific ways that I acknowledged in this writing. We should know the importance of dealing with stress and understand the influence it can have on those that are under that pressure. We need to keep looking for ways to defeat this big time problem. Instead of looking for ways to disregard or escape it.

Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media
Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

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