Entertainment During the Coronavirus Pandemic Part 1: Video Games

Written by on April 9, 2020

Greetings fellow quarantined readers, my name is Jameson Shaughnessy a fellow student and your personal entertainment guru for the coming apocalypse. Flashy intro and doom predicting jokes aside, I’m here today to start up a four part, as of yet unnamed series about entertaining yourself during the coronavirus crisis. We the students of Kansas Wesleyan University are faced with many things during these troubling times, many of us have been laid off from work, some of us have had our sports seasons cut short, and for the nerd in us all, our favorite D&D group might not be meeting anymore. With all of these chaotic changes to life it shouldn’t be a struggle to dispel boredom. That’s where I come in. Today I am going to talk about the various entertainment options in todays coronacentric world. Each week I will discuss entertainment options that you can look forward to while staying safe at home.

The first of three options this week will be those of the digital realm, no I don’t mean the fanciful digital realm of Wreck-it Ralph, although that could be something we discuss in today’s segment. Video games have been a staple favorite of teenagers and adults alike since their introduction to the American arcade in 1972. While there are debates over the fact that the first computer game was invented in the 50’s, these games were only accessible for a short period of time at big name exhibitions. While video games have come a long way from the one-sided games of Pong, one simple truth remains, these games are one of the truest forms of pure entertainment.

So why should we as students turn our attention to video games? Well the truth is we shouldn’t. I would much rather lead you guys on to the fact that you should be doing your school work. However, being a procrastinator myself I know how much fun it can be to push off your work. But let me tell you, don’t do it. However, if you do find yourself with spare time on your hands, I can at least make a few suggestions pertaining to video games. Revisit classic games from your childhood. I know I used to love my Nintendo system almost as much as I loved my own mother. Donkey Kong, Mario cart, Pokémon, these are all games I grew up playing and I am sure many of you have a connection to these games as well. So while your sitting at home bored with life break out the old WII, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, or even an online Emulator. Start playing through those vintage games. See the source image

My next word of advice pertaining to video games is this, look for bargains on your console. Both Xbox and PlayStation have been offering deals this week in their digital stores to help combat player boredom at home. Even if you don’t have the money to throw around on a new video game, there are always free games like Fortnight and Apex Legends being released almost daily.

My final word of advice is this, get involved with an online group that plays video games. There are many discord, Facebook, and twitter groups that like to play video games, look for the ones that best fit your personality and play style. You like to discuss Pokémon, there’s a group on Facebook for you. You like the friendly yet competitive feel of Fortnight, join a discord server. Don’t be shy to make new friends playing video games, they’re not just for sad nerds anymore.

See the source image

I hope you have found this article as helpful and entertaining as I had writing it. Remember to always put your coursework first and then get around to playing those vintage or recent video games. This is Jameson Shaughnessy saying stay safe, and may you survive until dawns light.

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