What I am doing to survive Grad School Prep

Written by on April 10, 2020

This may be a very odd, shorter article from myself, but there is a big issue in my life that is currently freaking me out. With graduation being canceled until August, which I am not happy about at all, I am supposed to be starting Graduate School in May. May 12th to be exact. And I have no clue what the hell is going on.

Everything is so weird, and awkward with virtually everything being closed or shut down. I was lucky enough to get a visit to campus right before this pandemic started. In fact, the day that i went was the day that Millersville decided that they were going to take an extended spring break. This was getting serious for me because the night before, another university around where i live decided to do that as well.

Now back to what I have been having to do. Not a whole lot honestly. I applied to be a grad assistant at school through our Sports Management program, and all that really has happened was an interview. This whole virus has bent the whole university out of shape, that the last thing they are really focusing on right now is future grad assistant students.

The best advice my future advisor gave me is to “Stay calm, Stay patient, and stay relaxed.” This is an extremely tough time for everyone, not just us students. She told me about all the struggles that she is currently going through as a professor considering most of her undergrad classes were all taught on campus as long as she has been there.

Now this is short and all, but with everything going on, it’s been a lot to do. Next week I will have an interview and Q & A with Patsy Stockham, where she will hopefully give some great advice to my other fellow future graduate students.

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