Climate Change in a Time of Pandemic

Written by on April 17, 2020


I believe that climate change and the coronavirus are linked together. This Pandemic leads to a deeper understanding of the ties of us on a global scale. The healthcare systems are essential to protect us from health threats, including climate change. Even the support to revive the economy after this pandemic we should promote health, equity, and environmental protection. Really, we should do that. Lots of things to learn about. We live in a time in which intersecting crises are being lifted to a global problem with unseen levels of inequality. Inequality with environmental degradation and climate destabilization. Also even as new surges in populism, economic uncertainty,  conflict, and supporting public health threats. All are a type of crisis that we are slowly tipping the balance. Even finding a way of questioning our business.If you guys were to see how LA looked with all the pollution compared to now with everyone not driving everywhere. It looks clear as new and extremely beautiful.We have to learn that and take account that we can figure out these climate change issues with solutions. But we have to figure out our global health crisis. For example with the global health crisis, we find ourselves forced to dramatically make a change with our behavior in order to protect ourselves and our surroundings. Even to a degree where most of us have never experienced before or have no business in. But this is a temporary move of change that could lead to a long-term shift in old behaviors and assumptions. Which could lead to a public drive for action and effective changes. Even though climate change presents a slower, more damaging health threat and equally dramatic and sustained shift in it’s behavior will be needed to prevent it. A crisis like this offers an opportunity for a second chance for humanity. In which people realize what matters most. Which Is to overcome this virus and understand how important climate change is. Both the climate crisis and unfolding virus pandemic threatens one thing we all care about. With this Virus there are 504,562 people that are confirmed cases but it doesn’t just stop here. The list just keeps rising and rising everyday. Also from one of my sources it talks about how the Department of Justice announced that it is investigating a veterans home in Massachusetts where over two dozen residents died after testing positive for coronavirus. “The Civil Rights Division and the U.S. The Attorney’s Office will conduct a joint review into whether the residents have been deprived of their rights to medical care at the facility”. This virus is not something to take lightly at all. Lastly when we eventually overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, we can hopefully hold on to that sense we learned and experienced with humanity. In order to rebuild our social and economic systems to make them better, more resilient, and compassionate. I know we can overcome this crisis. We cannot let this Virus get the best of us, we have to just stay patient and learn from this crisis and global crisis. 



Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media
Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

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