Pandemic: A Student-Athlete’s Perspective

Written by on April 17, 2020

The Corona Virus has been a crazy experience for not just me, but for my teammates from all over. Even the whole country has been shut down. The president has backed away from opening businesses of all types up right away. But he also had a point that this Virus is pretty bad. I read a report from that 6.6. million Americans had filed for unemployment insurance and it was double the previous record. Which was set only last week. That is crazy to me. Analysts are predicting that GDP could shrink by double digit percentages this quarter. That’s a lot of future unhappiness. People can’t work and the government is barely paying people their unemployment checks. The disease might be even worse than we thought. Trump’s coronavirus task force says that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from the virus or more. For me and my teammates we share a similarity with other student athletes all around the country. All colleges from NCAA to NAIA have cancelled all their spring sports till further notice. When it comes for all college sports, whether it was for basketball players like those that are supposed to be in the NCAA men’s tournament game was canceled. Pretty much the spring sports like softball and tennis were just getting into the league of their seasons and got cancelled too. It really is a significant singular moment that will be remembered in history for many of the athletes who saw their seasons cut short.  It is crazy how it affects every athlete all over. Also for some, it meant the end of their playing careers. Some are just going to graduate and start working. They even gave the seniors another year because they had to stop it. But only for spring sports. Not the fall. I highly doubt that every athlete will take that opportunity. I never would’ve thought it would get that serious to make everyone come home. They really made us leave school and face this situation on our own mostly. I have reached out to many of my teammates and asked about how their experience is going. My teammates all are saying that all grocery stores are sould out of almost everything and people are over buying everything. We share several similarities from being angry in this situation. All of us are really home missing the game we love, which is the game of football. Also being stuck in the house. Out of the 8 teammates I talked to we can agree on the growing frustration about everything being closed and getting tired of being locked up in the house.This is just something we weren’t going to expect. I really feel for them but I know how important it is for us not to get sick from the COVID-19. Law Enforcement by house giving everyone a curfew or if anyone is out without a valid reason they will get a ticket. This is crazy to see the cops pulling a lot of people over like this. But my teammates andI came to a conclusion which is to manage to follow through to the rules and stay on our school work. We are really hoping that this doesn’t go through past may because we don’t need this to affect our season coming up. All we can do is stay inside and pray.

Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media


    Manuel Ricci | KWU Student Media

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