Worst Week – Blog post #3

Written by on April 17, 2020

I have almost complelty lost my mind sitting inside of a house. I feel like all I do is start arguments with my family member and Tim because I am so frustrated being inside. It has been a really hard week for my entire family and it makes it worse being trapped but its ok all I’ve been trying to do is get my mind off of things and do different things. I have been running around trying to keep my mind occupied. So I started another list of things to do for the coming up. In the past few days the news has said that the social distancing has been helping but this week will be the most crucial when it comes to social distancing and that we need to continue doing it. They said this because this week is the week where it is going to spread the worst and have the most deaths predicted yet but it should get better much after. So with that being said I am staying inside my house for a whole week. The only time ill be going outside in on my back deck and or back yard. so here is a list of things that I plan on doing this week to keep me occupied.

  1. I started with trying new things to make or bake and the making food part is so incredible but the baking was like a hidden trick I had. I discovered new recipes with cookies and making cakes and so far that is what is keeping me under control at this time.
  2. I am going to try and painting. I found some old paint and canvas sheets laying around and I am going to try some tiktok trends and paint a couple things to decorate my room.
  3. I saw that I have a piece of furniture in my room that does match the rest so I decided to paint that too with some black spray paint.
  4. The last thing that i have filled my time with is puzzles. It has been an entire family thing to go and do puzzles in our common room on the big secondary dinning table. It has been a blast and we have a few more puzzles to complete.

I have done so many different things that have kept me occupied and last blog I said to binge shows and I have been watching 3 different shows that have been really good so far. The classic Grey’s Anatomy which I’ve wanted about 6 times. Meaning I have watched every single episode 6 times and there are 16 seasons with more coming out. But anyways I have also been watching Euphoria staring Zendaya and it is amazing. Its defiantly rated R but so good and I highly recommend it for everyone to watch it. The last show is once upon a time. I is really good and it has been amazing so far. I think that I have a really good balance of the different shows that I am watching.

Thanks for reading in on my blog this week and ill see you next week!

Mia Needles | KWU Student Media

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