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Written by on April 21, 2020

Hello once again fellow Kansas Wesleyan Students. It’s time for another instalment in our running entertainment series. As you know many of us have found ourselves with more time on our hands. With sports and other extracurricular activities being postponed or pushed to the backburner it’s now up to us to find new and innovative ways to entertain ourselves. Last week we discussed the realm of video games and option to be had on that front. This week we will dive a bit more into the video games I feel you should consider looking at if you have chosen to go down that route for entertainment. I will also be discussing some options in the realm of televisions and streaming services. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Up first we will discuss some video game options I feel are worth mentioning since last weeks article.  I myself spend plenty of time playing video games. My gaming typically revolves around three platforms though, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. My preferred method of gaming comes in the form of the PS4. With that in mind I will only be laying out some options for cross platform gaming, games playable on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. For all my e-sporters out there you should all be familiar with Fortnight. While I myself am not a fan of this battle royale shooter, I know the game is popular with all age groups. Another mention in the battle royale department is Pub-G. If you’re not into multiplayer shooters try playing the Assassin’s creed series of games. Each of these stealth roleplaying games is unique from year to year. This franchise follows the exploits of the assassin brotherhood in their plight to stop the Templar Order. While I could do an article on this franchise alone, I think some other mention are worth talking about. Doom, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are mentions for you hardcore gamers. If you are in a game for the challenge rather than the stories, these games are for you.

We will now move on to the world of Streaming services. I feel I am right to assume that everyone owns some form of streaming service, whether it be Netflix, Disney +, or Hulu. However, which streaming service you own will vary depending on your preference, and even what mobile device you own. I hope to break down the merits of each widely used streaming platform.

The first to be mentioned is, of course, Netflix. Netflix offers classics like the Office for a rate of $9.99 a month. Netflix is a great option if you like reality shows, independent films, and a cheap viewing rate. Next up we have Hulu. While I myself don’t use Hulu I am aware that they are closely connected with Fox. This gives you access to Family Guy, American Dad, and other Fox Classics. Amazon Prime is another great streaming service. Prime offers the ability to buy any television show you want as well as offering Amazon exclusives like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” The only downside to Prime is the cost. A Prime membership cost is $59 a year plus the factor that you have to still buy the show you want to watch. Finally, there is a new comer to the list. Disney Plus has only been an option in the entertainment market for a short while. However, it has quickly become my go to for finding entertainment in these dire times. Disney Plus offers every show that has ever been on the Disney channel as well as almost every Disney movie to ever be released. If your as big of a Star Wars fan as I you will know that the Mandalorian is only available on Disney Plus. With all things Disney at your finger tips the rat of $59 a year is a small price to pay.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Entertainment Guru. Stay tuned for more content

James E.S

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