The end of my college career

Written by on April 28, 2020

This may sound really naggy or really disappointed, and you are 100% correct. Next Friday will be the last day that I have to take any courses through Kansas Wesleyan, and I don’t exactly know how to feel. I am trying to be positive withe everything going on, so I am trying to realize that. The first 3.5 years of my college career had its ups and downs, but it was indeed nothing short of amazing. The last couple weeks have been absolutely miserable, and so hard for me to be positive with school.

First off, taking classes like this, absolutely suck. I have just fully blown lost all motivation over this, and the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that I am done in ten days. I can not stand learning like this, in fact, I feel that I have genuinely learned nothing since the pandemic begun to shut us down and force us into this. Assignments are simply not as impactful as they are, and some are just straight pointless to even do.

My next problem is the fact that I was supposed to graduate next Saturday. Yes, I know we physically couldn’t of had it next week, but I am not for having it all the way in August. There are a couple of things that really just make me not like this, and the first thing is that OUR graduation is on a move-in day. Really? Move-in day is supposed to be important to people coming back to see their friends, but more importantly for the incoming FRESHMEN. The next problem I have with this, is the ridiculous voting system that we had to decide this. Our first question of was if we planned on attending. That was it. Obviously, I am going to put yes, because there was no date attached with it. The next question was if we wanted a virtual one on May 9th, or the on campus one in August. That was it. There was no where to voice our opinion on the answers, just a simple click on two questions.

Now here is why I have no motivation to attend graduation. Besides the fact that its a move-in weekend, its the fact that I come from 18 hours away. This isn’t just the easiest thing in the world to just move my families plans of traveling in May, to August. Now it can be done, yes. But I am going to be in Grad school at this time. In fact, I will be a QUARTER of the way done with my Master’s program at this time. My eyes and focus is fully put on a Master’s degree, I will have a job, I can’t just stop what I am doing to simply go halfway across the country for a two hour ceremony. I don’t see the full great value in that what so ever.

But yeah, thanks for listening to that. That’s where my head is at, and I am simply ready to graduate.

Until next time, peace.

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