Victory Lap, Baby

Written by on May 1, 2020

This is my 2nd to last blog post for Kansas Wesleyan Student Media. I am graduating in a week’s time. I’m fairly certain I pulled out the lifetime 4.0 GPA amongst some real garbage, and I’m really proud of myself. It feels unreal to be done, and I’m not just trying to gloat. I finished the first part of the documentary that I was working on, and that will premiere on at 8p.m. EST, Saturday, May 2nd. It will also be on his youtube channel, which is linked on his twitch page. I want to do something different for my final podcast, I’m currently playing poker with my friends, and I want to give my commentary. For their sakes, I will be using their online names and not their real names. I’m definitely not a professional poker player by any means, but I’ve learned a lot about poker over the past couple of months. Check it out here:

I hope everyone who is graduating has a full and wonderful career ahead of them, and I hope that everyone finds what makes them happy. To anyone who knows me, know that I am always willing to keep in touch. It’s a little bittersweet saying goodbye, but thank heavens I can finally leave Salina. Hopefully the next time you see me, I’ll be fluent in one or more languages.

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