This Sucks- Mental Health

Written by on May 2, 2020

So. This sucks. 

The current state of the world and everything surrounding COVID-19 is really getting to my mental health. It is hard to get out of bed knowing that every single day people are dying. It is hard to focus on school work (or anything) knowing that your next trip to Walmart could be fatal. It is hard functioning like normal when the world is so far from normal it seems it will never return. The news is hard to keep up with and trust; it seems like every company has a biased political agenda they are pushing before the facts and that alone is so hard to process and deal with. How do you find guaranteed factual information today? How will the media and news change post COVID-19? How will the world change after COVID-19 (that will be a whole story next)?


For people with mental health conditions before COVID took over, this has been extremely triggering and could have long-term effects. For others, this could be the first time they are experiencing depression, anxiety, or symptoms of mental health disorders. The important thing to remember is you are not “less than” for having these feelings. You are not broken. You are not weak. Nothing that has happened in the 21st century can compare to what we are each going through right now. Have patience for yourself and your friends. Recovery on the emotional toll this is taking isn’t linear and isn’t on a timeline. Take your time to process and understand your emotions and feelings. Cope in healthy ways whenever possible and know there is NO SHAME in reaching out for help. Every person is unique and dealing with their emotions uniquely- if you are a person who needs to write out your emotions, do that. If you are a person who needs to rant to a friend, do that. Figure out what works for you and your mental health best- it will take time but will be so worth it. Prioritize yourself and self care (see my other story entitled This Sucks-Self Care) so you can recover in a healthy way. 

Everyday suicide rates are going up. We need to break this cycle and promote mental healthcare and education to prevent more people dying senselessly. If you or someone you know is feeling hopeless, reach out to a family member, professor, or a trusted adult to confide in or a suicide prevention hotline- this is the number for the national hotline- 1-800-273-8255. There is no shame in asking for help and support ever. 

Find time to remember things you’re thankful for and make lists if that would be helpful for you. Above all, know that this is a hard time to be a person. Your feelings are valid and you CAN make it through this. Support others too. We will make it out of this and I have to believe there is a light at the end of dark tunnel even if we can’t see it right now.

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