This Sucks- Self Care

Written by on May 2, 2020

So. This sucks. 


The number one thing I have been told over and over again during this time of despair and distractions is self care. For many students, traditionally self care has meant hanging out with friends, going to the movies, doing a face mask, or getting your nails done. It seems like no normal coping mechanisms are within our reach anymore. So we need to come together and think of new ways to take care of ourselves and each other. Here is some ideas!

A list of self care ideas/recommendations 

-watching a favorite show or movie– this has been helpful for me because it creates some sense of normalcy and brings back memories in time where nothing seems normal. 

-facetiming or video calling friends and family– humans need to communicate with each other! Don’t forget to check on those closest to you: this could really save lives and sanity. Keep in mind you can still have board game nights or watch movies together because of modern technology- zoom is way cooler than I had initially thought. 

-eat a fancy or especially tasty meal or snack– it’s important to remember the simple pleasures of life and a little indulgence won’t hurt. Take care of and listen to your body when you’re hungry and treat yourself.

-GO OUTSIDE- this is the biggest piece of advice I personally have. I am not an outdoorsy person, it’s not in my nature to be athletic or sporty but staying cooped up in your room or house is a recipe for disaster. Go for a walk, sidewalk chalk, explore, exercise if that’s your thing. Something to change the scenery while still practicing social distancing. 

-sleep– our minds are always processing so much media and news, we need to be able to know when to unplug and take time to rest. It’s fair to say everyone’s sleep schedule has changed but remember that for you to be productive and healthy you need to recharge and relax. 

-try something new– don’t feel pressured just because this is on the list. If you are in a good state to try something simple that’s also new, go for it! Yoga, photography, video games, and baking are all ideas of things you can try at home right now. I learned how to really ride a bike in quarantine and that’s pretty neat.

-listen to podcasts and music– I’ve found a lot of joy in rediscovering music from earlier points in my life and giving old albums a good re-listen. In addition to that there are millions of podcasts for every type of person out there! My favorite genre is youtubers I know sitting around talking about random things, but the possibilities are truly endless. Find and listen to something new you’ve been wanting to. 

-read something– I’m going to be real, it has been a minute since I have read something for pleasure. There is something so incredibly satisfying about taking the time to sit down and consume literature for no other gain except entertainment. If you’re like me, reread an old favorite book! 

-write– this is the one I’ve struggled the most with. There are so many feelings and emotions everyday because of the news, because of everything surrounding us they need to be expressed in healthy ways. One of the best ways is by writing. You can have a journal, make lists, notes on your phone, or essays. Everyone needs a creative outlet where they are free to express feelings and thoughts on a daily basis. 

Above all- DRINK WATER AND KEEP COMMUNICATING. When we allow ourselves to isolate and rot away, the virus wins. We can beat this together. Take care of yourself and those around you. 

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